May 2018 - OTC Foundation

May, 2018


To stimulate and enhance training activities in the OTC chapters, the OTCF Executive Board has set up a special Task Force Education. We interviewed one of its members, Micha Holla from OTC Netherlands.

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Watch the video on the OTC trauma course, organized by AIOD Germany, which took place in Alpbach (Austria) this May. 80 young surgeons and more than 40 experienced faculties from Germany, Austria and Switzerland exchanged their knowledge.

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Yoshinobu Watanabe is the current president of the OTC Foundation. We talked to him about his involvement with the OTCF, his goals during his presidential year and his prediction for the orthopedic surgery's future.

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In May, the Austrian town Alpbach became venue of the annual trauma course organized by the OTC chapter AIOD Germany. The course targets young surgeons from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and teaches them trauma surgery techniques in theory as well as in practice.

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