New Honorary Award Holder

After last year’s Honorary Award was handed to Prof. Enrique Guerado from Spain, this year’s award went to Germany.

Since 2014, the OTC Foundation regularly confers an Honorary Award to OTC members who reached something outstanding or who helped the foundation in a exceptional way. At the General Assmebly in Amsterdam, which was held at the beginning of June, Prof. Dr. Volker Bühren (Germany) was handed this year’s Honorary Award. He has been one of the founding fathers of the OTC Foundation starting with the membership of the first OTCF Executive Committee from 2007 to 2010. Since 2013, he is a part of the OTCF Board of Trustees. Prof. Dr. Bühren was host to many OTCF Fellows at his trauma institute at the Trauma Clinic Murnau, Germany, and participated in numerous educational events of different chapters. His scientific interests made him a regular supporter and guest at ‘hot topic’ research workshops. His professional leadership provided valuable guidance to the work of the foundation and also personal assistance through critical periods.