2019 has started

At the end of 2018 we looked at the highlights that occurred in the OTC Foundation during the course of the last year (2018 highlights). However, a new year has already started and the OTCF is not standing still. There are many more highlights to come, among others:

  • Chapter websites: The creation of new chapter websites is already well underway. During the course of this year, we will experience the launch of the OTC France, FOT North America, OTC Italy and OTC Switzerland site. More chapters will follow in 2020.
  • New Chapter: A new chapter (OTC Austria) is currently in the final step of its creation. You can be curious… More information is coming.
  • Education: Again, many courses on osteosynthesis and trauma care are planned this year. The focus will lay on the enhancement of fracture healing through different methods. We will further assist OTC chapters and try to harmonize the course and evaluation process throughout the foundation. Furthermore, we try to include new forms of educational methods into the OTC Education Program. The Task Force Education will hold its next meeting in March, when they will discuss their future activities. All this contributes to our big mission: bringing trauma education to the next level.
  • Research: The annual “Hot Topic” workshop on “Optimizing Patient’s Function after Musculoskeletal Trauma” was held in Toronto in November 2018. The results of the workshop will be published in the OTCF series of INJURY Supplement. Another “Hot Topic” workshop will be held this year in November. The participants of last year’s workshop also identified the topics for the 2019 research grant proposals. The website is already open for applications, deadline is on April 15. The research grant receivers will then be selected July.
  • GA Meeting and Leadership Forum: Again, the General Assembly Meeting as well as the OTC Leadership Forum will be held in Amsterdam in June. The schedule does not only include several meetings and the leadership forum, but also the presentation of the honorary award and the transition of the OTCF presidency.