One Year of OTCF Social Media Activity

It has now been one year since the OTC Foundation intensed its activity on the social networks. In this rather short time, we have managed to reach 1260 fans on Facebook only and more than 1700 over all channels.

Start at the OTC Germany trauma course in Alpbach

After a few weeks of planning, the OTCF social media activity officially started at last year’s trauma course in Alpbach. The course by OTC Germany – then still called AIOD Germany – was the ideal event to kick-start our social media accounts. The 80 participants and 43 faculty members were all happy to help produce good photos and an interesting video about the five-day course.


Six channels and numerous contributors

In May 2018, the OTC Foundation launched its four new social media channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn and continued its activity on Twitter. When we launched the new website in July, we started to produce content for the news blog, which created our sixth channel. The Swiss communication agency by the way communications, located in Bern, is primarily responsible for content production and publication on these channels. However, they could not operate without the support from all OTC chapters and single members. To regularly publish interesting content, everyone in the OTC Foundation needs to take part. This has worked well in the first year and lead to the publication of numerous interviews as well as reports of chapter courses. However, the chapters and members are still requested to contribute interesting stories from inside and around the foundation.


1700 fans and counting

Over all channels, the OTC Foundation has reached 1700 fans within this year. This is great news! However, our goal is not reached yet. The objective of our social media activity is to reach at least every member with an active account. As you know, the foundation (with all its chapters) counts more than 4000 people all over the world. So there is still a long way to go.