OTC TV Satellite Edition (100% Online)


  1. Polytrauma Management
  2. Pelvis/Femur
  3. Knee, Ankle/Foot
  4. Upper Limb
  5. Reconstruction of defects and mejor complications
  6. Polytrauma at elderly

100% Online OTC TV Satellite Edition

Thursday, 22nd of September 2022 to Friday, 23rd of September 2022


Thursday, 22nd of September

Welcome (10 minutes)
Francisco Chana
Jesús Gómez

Polytrauma Management (60 minutes)
Christof Burger (10 mins of clinical cases and 10 min of discussion)
David Chafey
Ismael Escribá

Pelvis and Hip (40 minutes)
G. Tagland
David Chafey

Femur (40 minutes)
Francisco Chana
Alberto Delgado

Summary of the Day (10 minutes)

Friday, 23rd of September

Knee, Ankle and Foot (40 minutes)
Pablo Renovell
Antonio Gómez

Upper Limb (40 minutes)
Mariano Sánchez
Samuel Pajares

Polytrauma at elderly (40 minutes)
Jesús Gómez
David Chafey

Summary of the day and Farewell (20 minutes)