From Basic to Clinical Research - OTC Foundation

From Basic to Clinical Research

The translational approach to research develops around selected “hot topics” and consists of five key activity components:

  • Reviews of the scientific literature on the selected topic
  • Symposia convened on an annual basis as multi-disciplinary workshops focusing on the selected “hot topic”
  • Award of research grants for funding scientific studies related to the topic
  • Stimulation of publications, individually or in form of supplements to scientific journals
  • Conduct of research courses on basic and clinical research

In addition, we promote development of methodology in experimental research. All amendments are published in a reference textbook for members to contribute. This continues the series of textbooks on clinical research methodology.  The courses on clinical research will be resumed by national OTC Chapters, and expanded by future OTCF courses on experimental research, all based on the methodology compiled in these textbooks.