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Research Courses

With the ever increasing need to ensure evidence-based research practice in orthopedic surgery and to communicate research results effectively, we have organized Clinical Research Courses on a regular basis for several years. With the transfer of courses from international to country level, these are now being resumed by OTC Chapters with interest in clinical research.

These courses on Principles and Practice of Clinical Research emphasize design, analysis and participation within orthopedic trauma research. The aim of the course is to transmit the basic skills for conducting quality clinical research, and to provide the essential background to understanding the “language of research”. The target group of participants is surgeons leading a clinical research study or participating as a site investigator.

A comprehensive syllabus and lectures for a one- or two-day course have been developed. Also, a roster of experienced lecturers has been established. OTC chapters interested in organizing such a course can obtain further information from:

Following the development of pre-clinical, translational and experimental research methodology for musculo-skeletal studies, a new series of research courses has been launched. The underlying textbook was published in 2015:

Experimental Research Methods in Orthopedics and Trauma, edited by Hamish Simpson and Peter Augat

Courses have been organized for the last four years:

  • Experimental research methods in fracture repair – an introductory course, held at ISFR Munich, June 7, 2016
  • Research course in orthopedics and trauma care, held in Amsterdam on 15 June 2017 in conjunction with the OTCF Leadership Forum
  • Scientific methods in orthopaedy and trauma surgery, held in Berlin on 24 October 2017 during the DKOU Conference
  • Scientific methods in orthopaedy and trauma surgery: what the clinical scientist should know, held in Berlin on 22 October 2019 during the DKOU Conference