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Research Grants

What are our Research Grants?

Every year, we allocate a Research Grant. Members of the OTCF can submit an application which will then be carefully reviewed by the OTCF ReCo. The program targets senior researchers who are eligible to research grants of up to USD 50,000. The evaluation and selection process for grants is based upon strict scientific principles and committee rules in accordance with Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) criteria. The Administrative Policies and Procedures for OTC Research Grants 2022 can be downloaded here.



  1. Application: Since the annual funding available for OTCF research grant is limited, we are not able to fund every research proposal and a prioritized selection is inevitable. The OTCF research grant process is discussed in the document Administrative policies and procedures for OTCF research grants 2021. It includes application conditions as well as scientific and institutional requirements. Applicants need to fill out the OTC Research Grant 2022 – Application Form and take note of the OTC Research Grant 2022 – Tables and Figures.
  2. Review of Applications: The one-phase application process is based upon the full-length proposals. The OTCF Research Committee (ReCo), which consists of active and experienced trauma surgeons and scientists in different areas of clinical, pre-clinical, experimental, and biomechanical research, evaluates all proposals. The evaluation is undertaken in a non-blinded manner based upon scientific merit, orthopedic trauma impact, methodology used, and stated feasibility of research teams to deliver within budget and time frame.
  3. Successful Applications: The best applications will be offered a grant contract. Per institution and per (co-)applicant, only one grant can be awarded per year. Past grants have to be completed and the final report approved at the time of submission of the new proposal.
  4. Unsuccessful Applications: All principal investigators of proposals that could not be funded will be informed and receive feedback. Decisions are final and rejections cannot be discussed.

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When to apply

The deadline for submission is May 15, 2022. Further instructions are included in the application form.


Topics for 2022 proposals

The subject areas in which 2022 grant proposals are invited include:

  • Material coatings and surface modifications
  • Robotics and Artificial intelligence 
  • Navigation and imaging
  • Wellness devices and virtual apps

Administrative policies and procedures

Application Form

Tables and Figures