Foundation - OTC Foundation

At a Glance

Who are we?

We are an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists, dedicated to the advancement of evidence based osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and professional networking. Our goal is to attract both young and experienced professionals who are practicing medicine in the fields of trauma care, fragility fractures and osteoporosis. The purpose of the OTC Foundation is to promote and support the global advancement of osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and the improvement of clinical practice.


What do we do?

Our organization includes 19 local OTC chapters around the world. We offer services to these chapters and other affiliated organizations by interlinking them through common meetings. We are also able to directly address them and their members via a global web platform. All local OTC chapters organize courses to improve trauma care with surgeons of different experience. They are also encouraged to enhance their education through sharing experience and curricula of training courses in their Chapters. We stimulate the international focus on the latest “hot topics” and guide research through international symposia. This leads to the award of research grants and the conduct of research courses.


Foundation Membership

OTCF membership is managed by the respective OTC chapter. Interested surgeons in countries with no existing OTC chapter are invited to register directly with the OTC Foundation as an individual member through the global web platform. For more information regarding OTC chapter and/or OTC Foundation membership please contact