OTC Foundation

Who are we?

We are an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists, dedicated to the advancement of evidence based osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and professional networking. Our goal is to attract both young and experienced professionals who are practicing medicine in the fields of trauma care, fragility fractures and osteoporosis. The purpose of the OTC Foundation is to promote and support the global advancement of osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and the improvement of clinical practice.

What do we do?

Our organization includes 19 local OTC chapters around the world. We offer services to these chapters and other affiliated organizations by interlinking them through common meetings. We are also able to directly address them and their members via a global web platform. All local OTC chapters organize courses to improve trauma care with surgeons of different experience. They are also encouraged to enhance their education through sharing experience and curricula of training courses in their Chapters. We stimulate the international focus on the latest “hot topics” and guide research through international symposia. This leads to the award of research grants and the conduct of research courses.

Foundation Membership

OTCF membership is managed by the respective OTC chapter. Interested surgeons in countries with no existing OTC chapter are invited to register directly with the OTC Foundation as an individual member through the global web platform. For more information regarding OTC chapter and/or OTC Foundation membership please contact info@otcfoundation.org.


Legal Framework

The OTC Foundation (OTCF) is a Swiss non-profit foundation incorporated in the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. In 2007, Stryker Trauma SA founded OTCF and has been its main sponsor since. With funding based primarily on grants and related donations and as a legally independent entity, the OTCF complies with all restrictions and/or financial limitations. Such funding may contain very specific allocations or restrictions regarding how the it is spent or allocated. All our funding is tied to specific work plans and budgets that were independently generated by the health care professionals who participate in OTCF activities.

Code of Conduct and Guidelines

While the OTC Organization Regulation defines the structure, organization and functioning of the OTCF, the Code of Conduct serves as a guide for all our members with respect to their roles and responsibilities related to the various programs and activities of the OTC Foundation. The primary purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure compliance with ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations. Based largely on standard commitments of related medical and healthcare professional organizations, it is used as a guide for planning and implementing OTC activities. Moreover, it defines appropriate relationships with private sector donors and determines appropriate financial planning and expenditures. Each employee, Board of Trustee, member of an organizational body, contractor, agent and related individual is required to sign the Code of Conduct, thereby committing to compliance in both letter and spirit. Our Ethical Guidelines ensure the compliance with ethical standards and applicable laws in relation with the donation of human biological material. Compliance regulations require from each health care provider (HCP) collaborating with OTCF completion of a Due Diligence checklist. The OTC Reimbursement Policy clarifies which activities, per diems and expense reimbursements are due and paid by the OTC Foundation. All of these costs must comply with the OTC Foundation Code of Conduct.


OTCF Articles of Incorporation

OTCF Organization Regulation


OTCF Code of Conduct


OTCF Ethical Guidelines


OTCF Reimbursement Policy


OTCF DD Checklist


OTCF Invoice Form


General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is the statutory coordination body for all activities of the OTC Foundation. It strengthens and supports the worldwide OTC global alliance network in accordance with our mission. The GA is comprised of the presidents of all OTC chapters and affiliated organizations. It is chaired by the OTCF President, seconded by the immediate past President and a President elect.

OTCF Presidents

2021: Oliver Trapp
2020: Michael Edwards
2019: David Lowenberg, FOT USA
2018: Watanabe Yoshinobu, JABO/OTC Japan
2017: Ole Brink, OTC Denmark
2016: Jörg Franke, AIOD Germany
2015: Ton Tran, OTC South Pacific
2014: Enrique Guerado, OTC Spain

Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board is constituted by the OTCF President, the past President and the President elect, as well as six OTCF regional coordinators. The EB works closely with all the OTC chapters to establish a cohesive global vision and strategy for the OTC global alliance and to govern the work of the General Assembly.

OTCF Presidents 2022

GA President: Oliver Trapp
GA Past President: Michael Edwards
GA President-Elect: Francisco Chana

OTCF Presidents 2020

GA President: Michael Edwards
GA Past President: David Lowenberg
GA President-Elect: Oliver Trapp

OTCF Presidents 2019

GA President: David Lowenberg
GA Past President: Yoshinobu Watanabe
GA President-Elect: Michael Edwards

OTCF Presidents 2018

GA President: Yoshinobu Watanabe
GA Past President: Ole Brink
GA President-Elect: David Lowenberg

OTCF Presidents 2017

GA President: Ole Brink
GA Past President: Oliver Trapp (for Jörg Franke)
GA President-Elect: Yoshinobu Watanabe

OTCF Regional Coordinators (RCs)

RC Europe: Oliver Trapp
RC Japan: Yoshinobu Watanabe
RC America: David Lowenberg
RC Asia/Pacific: Ton Tran
RC Nordic: Ole Brink
RC Latina: Enrique Guerado

Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT ensures that all OTCF corporate bodies and activities follow the mission objective of the Foundation and are compliant to the OTCF charters, bylaws and signed agreements.

Emanuel Zloczower, Chairman (Switzerland), Volker Bühren (Germany), Peter Jan Van den Hazel (Netherlands)

OTC Foundation Management Team

Esther van Lieshout (Research Manager), Margot Hamm (Education Manager)

Melanie Kall (Website and Social Media Support)



The establishment and development of the OTC Foundation during its first decade of existence is summarized in the following brochure, readable and downloadable as PDF file:Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care Foundation 2007-2017: Ten years history

Each year, the OTC Foundation publishes and presents a year-end report. They can be downloaded here:


2022 OTCF Annual Report


2021 OTCF Annual Report


2020 OTCF Annual Report


2019 OTCF Annual Report


2018 OTCF Annual Report


2017 OTCF Annual Report


2016 OTCF Annual Report


2015 OTCF Annual Report


2014 OTCF Annual Report


2013 OTCF Annual Report


2012 OTCF Annual Report


2011 OTCF Annual Report


2010 OTCF Annual Report


2009 OTCF Annual Report


2009 OTCF Mid-Year Report


2008 OTCF Annual Report


Honorary Awards 2022

Jean-Marc Féron, has been University Professor in Orthopedics and Traumatology in Paris from 1991 to 2019 and has been nominated Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University in Paris. Prof. Féron is also member of the National Academy of Surgery, SOFCOT (French Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology), AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons), ISFR (International Society of Fracture Repair), IOF (International Osteoporosis Foundation), BJD (Bone and Joint Decade) and FFN (Fragility Fracture Network).

Prof. Féron joined the AIOD as member, and afterwards the AIOD Francophone. He has been President of the OTC France from 2006 to 2021. Prof. Féron has always been much involved and implicated in the education activities of the association together with the other Board members, always in a much friendly way.

Prof. Féron has been very honored with full of emotions. He took the opportunity of the speech to introduce Prof. Thierry Bégué from Paris, President of the OTC France since October 2021.

Honorary Awards 2021

Theodore Miclau III, MD is Professor and Director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Institute at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. He is member of the OTCF Research Committee since its inception in 2005 and its chairman since 2010. As such he presided over scientific symposia and directed the review and award of OTCF research grants. He was coeditor of Injury supplement publications which summarized the results of these hot topic symposia. He was instrumental in developing course curricula on clinical research in English and Spanish, allowing for outreach to Latin American countries where he organized such courses.

Honorary Awards 2019

Professor Takashi Matsushita MD., DMSc., is Chairman of the Department of Traumatology at the Fukushima Medical University and also Director of the Trauma and Reconstruction Center at Southern TOHOKU General Hospital. He has been an ardent supporter of JABO, the Japanese OTC chapter over many years. He was also instrumental in starting a national FFN (Fragility Fracture Network) in Japan, and is most experienced in the chipping technique for treatment of deformity and of nonunion. He received the OTCF Honorary Award at the Leadership Forum 2019 in Amsterdam.

Honorary Awards 2018

Prof. Dr. Volker Bühren, Germany, has been one of the founding fathers of the OTC Foundation starting with the membership of the first OTCF Executive Committee from 2007 to 2010. This was followed by his assignment to the OTCF Board of Trustees from 2013 until today. He was host to many OTCF Fellows at his trauma institute in Murnau, Germany, and participated in numerous educational events of different chapters. His scientific interests made him a regular supporter and guest at ‘hot topic’ research workshops. His professional leadership provided valuable guidance to the work of the foundation and also personal assistance through critical periods.

Honorary Awards 2017

Prof. Enrique Guerado, Spain, for his personal engagement in the startup and development of the OTC Foundation. His involvement and support included from the outset membership of the Education Committee and then the Executive Board. After having been OTCF President in 2014, he joined the Executive Board as Regional Coordinator Latina where he combined the Iberian and Latin American OTC chapters. With a Webinar course in Spanish in 2015, he opened new avenues in the education program of the Global OTC Alliance.

Honorary Awards 2015

Dr. Gilbert Taglang MD, France, for his long-standing presidency of AIOD Strasbourg which preceded the creation of the OTC Foundation. He served the OTCF as member of its Executive Committee since its inception. Conducting annually for more than 20 years, the international improvement course on locking nailing and external fixation techniques for nurses, residents and op-staff in Strasbourg witnesses his outstanding professional leadership and educational dedication.

Honorary Awards 2014

Prof. Melvin P. Rosenwasser, USA, for his dedicated leadership during difficult times at the helm of EXCO since the OTCF launch in 2007 in Nice. He notably helped its restart in 2012 and consolidation happening.

Honorary Awards 2014

Prof. Petr Patka, Netherlands, for his ten years of chairing and guiding RECO and its broad program of research grants, scientific events and leading methodology development. Serving on EXCO during recent years confirms his dedication to the foundation.